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equipment sales

We provide merchandising, warehousing and distribution services for a wide range of manufacturers of equipments and accessories in the oils and gas sector from Europe, USA and other part of the world. As representative and franchise holder of various manufacturers, we have always considered excellent delivery with respect to product quality, timeliness and cost effective performance as our cardinal objective.

We are committed to guiding our customers from request to delivery in ensuring that maximum satisfaction are derived from our business prowess. We sell and deal on all kinds of Inspection, fabrication, construction, Lifting, Drilling equipments and accessories.

DYNAQUEST ENERGY LIMITED is also an AUTHORIZED SALES REPRESENTATIVE for Olympus products in Non-destructive testing (NDT) and Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Equipments in Nigeria. The Olympus NDT has a wide range of innovative products utilizing advanced technologies for the manual or automated inspections in Non-destructive testing (NDT) and Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and an extensive portfolio of inspection solutions that offer unmatched capability for applications ranging from weld inspections, corrosion Inspection, composite inspection, tube inspection, aerospace inspection and many others.

The Olympus product and technology brings to you a high quality inspection solution that offers numerous practical measurement and analytical features, application-specific software, ease-of-use, versatility, ruggedness and are cost effective